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Meet Rue! + Tips on Adopting A Fur Baby

You may have read in my last post, or on Instagram that Brian and I adopted a puppy! I'm so excited to share our 'family photos' today (he's basically our baby) and share a little of Rue's story as well as some tips if you're thinking of adopting your own fur baby!

I've always been more of a cat person than a dog person, so when Brian brought up the 'we should get a dog' idea I'll definitely admit that I was more than hesitant. I love dogs, don't get me wrong, but I also know how much work and commitment they can be.  Regardless, I agreed that we could spend an afternoon looking around at a few of our local shelters. 

We had in mind that it might take awhile to find the perfect fit, but at the second shelter we visited that afternoon, there was Rue! While all the other dogs were barking and jumping  in their kennels, Rue was sitting calmly, wagging his tale. We saw his adorable kangaroo ears, and instantly fell in love. 

He came with us into the separate one-on-one play room and instead of jumping on us or running around, he simply curled up in my lap. When I sat him down, he walked over to Brian and curled up in his. We couldn't sign the adoptive papers soon enough!

We've had him home for almost two weeks now, and he's still just as calm and cuddly as when we first met him! Although he loves to curl up on the couch, he's also warmed up a lot to being home and loves to run around and play. But basically anytime either one of us sits down, whether it's on the floor, the couch, or the bed, he runs over to lay in our lap. 

Since he was new to the shelter and was transferred in from one in a different county, they didn't have a lot of information on his age or breed. From everyone's best guess, he's 7-12 months old and some sort of lab, german shepherd, corgi mix. He's 30 lbs (a lot smaller than he looks!) and the cutest, sweetest little kangaroo puppy in the world.. in my own personal, probably biased opinion, of course. 

I obviously couldn't wait to get some picture of him, so we all headed to our favorite park for a quick shoot. I was planning on mostly getting shots of Brian and Rue,  but it worked out that after I got some shots of the boys, my bff Kate (of Collectively Kate) met us at the park and offered to be my eyes behind the camera so we could get some shots of all three of us. 

I'm just so happy with how these photos turned out (the first is my fav and probably will be my lock screen for forever), and even happier to have a perfect new addition to the family! If you're thinking of getting a fur baby, I highly suggest adopting! There are tons of adorable, sweet puppies just like Rue looking for forever homes. I would definitely suggest finding out if your local shelter has a Facebook page! 

We had went to the shelter Rue was at because I had seen on Facebook that they had had a bunch of puppies transferred in. My local shelters are always posting when they get new animals, and putting up pictures and videos with descriptions! I'm hoping soon we can get Rue a furry -kitten- friend, so I'm still definitely always checking in on our shelter's Facebook pages. 

On our way home with him from the shelter, we made sure to a. drive through Starbucks to get and document his first puppuccino, and b. stop in Petco to get all the puppy essentials! If you do the same, make sure to introduce a worker to your new fur baby and they'll get you a whole booklet of awesome coupons. I think PetSmart does this as well, but basically it was a huge help and it was so fun getting to pick out a collar, toys, dog bowls, ect. 

It's funny now thinking how hesitant I was about getting a dog considering how laid back, sweet and easy going Rue is (I'm currently reaching over him as I type this because he's laying across me sleeping). If you're considering adopting (which yay you should!) make sure to have a list of questions in mind to ask if you find a potential fur baby, like if they're up to date on their shots, spayed or neutered, house broken or not, and any history the shelter can tell you about them. 

Brian and I had in mind what kind of dog would be a great fit with us, so we knew for sure that it was meant to be when Rue checked off every box and more! 

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