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Cut-Out Christmas Cookies + Easy Holiday Tablescape

I'm sure it's no surprise when I say I love to bake something fun every holiday/ special occasion. For Christmas it's usually cookies, but this year I was just not feeling anything complicated. When I saw the idea of cut-out sugar cookies on Pinterest I knew it was the super simple/super cute recipe I had been looking for!

Although this is a simple concept, it still took me a test batch to get the perfect set of cookies. The trick is to roll out the cookie dough, take a cookie cutter, press out your shapes, set them on a cookie sheet and then cut out a chunk of the center. The mistake I made at first was to simply cut a slit in the dough. Didn't work out very well!

For the second batch I instead cut three close lines down the center of the cookie which basically measured out the opening. I cut where the lines started at the top and removed the chunk of dough, making the perfect size and shape for the notch so the cookie could fit over the side a mug!

I had spent all day working on these cookies (my dad had made the dough from scratch the night before and had made so much of it, I had enough for five batches!). So by the time I was done, my family was more than ready to eat some!

I wanted to set up a table scape where we could all gather around and enjoy the cookies, but didn't have time for anything complicated. So, I simply laid down a turkish towel and set out some glitter coasters! I then brought out the plates of cookies, mugs full of hot chocolate and glasses of milk. 

Do you all have a super simple, super cute holiday recipe you've tried and loved? I'd love to hear in the comments! I hope you all are having an absolutely fabulous and wonderful Christmas Eve! XOXO

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