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Fall Brunch; Mini Pies and Apple Cider Mimosas

Each week I look forward to the weekend because the weekend means.. brunch. Is there anything better than starting your day with a yummy breakfast complete with champagne? Nope, there's not. Even better than regular brunch? Themed brunch. Today I'm sharing two amazing (and super simple!) recipes perfect for a fall themed brunch!

I love fall baking, but I have trouble finding recipes that aren't pumpkin based. I've tried and I've tried, but seriously, I can't get myself to like anything pumpkin flavored. So, when I found this mini pie recipe from OneLittleProject.com I was so excited! They seemed easy, simple, delicious, and I immediately thought of using the seasonal cookie cutters I had recently bought in order to make them a little more fall-festive!

The original recipe calls for a heart cookie cutter, which would be so cute for valentines day! But I loved the idea of seasonal shapes. It also calls for a blueberry filling, but I did half apple and half blueberry! I can't say enough positive things about these adorable little pies. I was nervous about the more complicated shapes (ex. the leaf) but the dough help up so well!

All-in-all they took me 40ish minutes, and involved very little preparation or grocery shopping. My kind of recipe.

Mini Pies

*Makes 10 pies

What you'll need...
2 frozen pie crusts
can of pie filling (I used 1 can blueberry and 1 can apple)
1 egg
1/2 cup powdered sugar (optional-for glaze)
3 tbsp milk (again, optional- for the glaze)

1.Preheat oven to 375!
2. Defrost the pie crusts.
3. Gently lift pie crust out of tin. It's okay if it splits or falls apart a little but, but it's easiest to keep it in one piece as much as you can.
4. Take rolling pin and gently roll the crust flat. Make sure not to make it too thin!
5. Take cookie cutter and press out the shapes.
6. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and arrange the cut-out shapes.
7. Take second pie crust and do the same as the first! 
8. Open the pie filling cans and put a small spoonful of filling in the center of each shape. I tried to make sure the filling stayed in the middle and didn't overflow to the edges, but it's really not too big of a deal if it does!
9. Take an egg, add a splash of water (all in a bowl) and whisk!
10. Brush on the egg to the edges of the pies with the filling.
11. Take the second set of cut-out shapes and place them on top of their match with the pie filling. 
12. Take a fork and press down, sealing the edges!
13. Place in oven and bake for 25 mins. 
14. If you want to top them with a glaze (I did on half!) Just put powdered sugar and milk in a bowl, and mix then take a spoon and drizzle on the pies while they're hot!

The perfect pair to your mini fall shaped pies? Apple cider mimosas! If you loved that the pies had few ingredients, just wait until you hear how many are in these mimosas... two! Yep, two ingredients. 

1.Apple Cider 2. Champagne.

 So simple, and still so delicous! 

The two make the perfect pair for a simple, fall themed brunch! Looking for more fall recipes and entertaining ideas? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/ashncarrington! I'd love to follow you as well, so be sure to comment with your username and your favorite fall baking recipe! XOXO.


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