DIY Shark Party - All Dressed Up

DIY Shark Party

If you've followed me for awhile, you know I love (love love love love) Shark Week. Last year I had a smaller party (see a few shots in this post) but this year I wanted to go all out. I love any opportunity to party plan, so I quickly took to Pinterest and began brainstorming!

I wanted fun and unique desserts, so I loved this pin by Kara's Party Ideas, showing layered cake shooters with shark fin cookies! When you click through however, the post explains that the food was catered so there weren't recipes available. So, I began brainstorming on how to make my own. Here's how I made my cake shooters with shark fin cookies!

Layered Cake Shooters+ Shark Fin Cookies [makes 10]

2 boxes of white cake mix (or more if you want more layers or more cake shooters.)
2 containers of white frosting
blue food coloring
these "mini white plastic pedestal 10ct cups" found at Party City
these "mini plastic forks 40ct" found at Party City (they are clear on the website but in-store I found them in blue!)
sugar cookie dough 

Cake Shooters
1) Bake two cakes! While mixing the separate batters, add blue food coloring to just one. Make it as light or dark blue as you would like! I would suggest a standard 9x13 pan so the cake is thinner!
2) Let the cakes cool, and then place them in the refrigerator until they are chilled.
3) After they are fully chilled, take one of the mini cups and press the opening into the edge of the cake. Twist and lift, so that the cake stays in the bottom of the cup. If the cake is uneven, no worries! The cake will easily even out once you press it down with your fingers or with a spoon. Repeat! 
4) Once you have the first layer in all of the cups, add the second layer! Again, once the cake is in the cup, press it down so that it evens out and snugly sets on top of the first layer.
5) Take the first container of icing, put it in a mixing bowl and add a few drops of blue food coloring! I added about 5 drops and it came out a beautiful, light blue color!
6) Once the icing is mixed, add it to the cups, a bit higher than the rim. 

Shark Fin Cookies
7) Begin making the cookies! Lay out parchment paper on your counter. Add flour on top, and roll out the sugar cookie dough. 
8) Once you have rolled out your dough, take a cake shooter cup and press the bottom to the dough, measuring how big to make the fins. Continue until you have 10 circles!
9) Once you have your 10 circles, take a butter knife and careful cut out a small shark fin! 
10) Place your fins on a cookie sheet, and bake them as instructed on the packaging! Check on them frequently as they are smaller, so they may cook quickly. I always set my timer for half of the time, check on them, and see how much more time they may need!
11) Once your cookies are baked, place them on a cooling tray. Once they are cooled, add a small amount of icing! Tip; Wet the knife or utensil you're using to spread the icing so that it will spread evenly!
12) Carefully place the fins on top of the cakes. Add the small forks and they are ready to serve!

Besides the cake shooters, I also made shark teeth cookies and "blood red" popcorn! For the shark teeth cookies just use the extra cookie dough from the shark fin cookies! Hand trace shark teeth shapes, varying in size. Mix some more blue icing and add to the cookies once they'e cooled! 

For the popcorn, pop a bag of popcorn and place it on a tray. Take red candy melts and sprinkle on top! The popcorn was by far the easiest to make, but definitely a hit! Oh and you probably also see a blue drink pictured.. I planned on making blue kool aid, but the store was out, so Blue V8 Raspberry juice it was! 

The other project I tackled was this DIY shark table cloth! I found this blue table cloth at Walmart, and knew it needed a little something extra. I saw these free printable shark cut-outs  from Printable Treats and knew they would be perfect to add to the plain blue table cloth! I printed out about 3 sheets of each outline (there are two, one with three small sharks and one with one large one) and simply taped them to the table cloth! Easy, but effective. 

How are you all liking Shark Week this year? Have you made cake shooters before? Do you have any tips or tricks? Feel free to comment below, and stay tuned for more Shark Week posts to come! 

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