Exploring Botany Bay - All Dressed Up

Exploring Botany Bay

While Brian was here, we took a day to travel to Botany Bay Plantation, a wildlife preserve on Edisto Island, and it was incredible. The hour and a half drive was well worth the view of untouched marshes, spanish moss, sand, palm trees, and blue ocean as far as you could see. 

The drive felt a bit long at first, but once we got on the island the views distracted me from how long we'd been in the car. I had high expectations for the beach on the preserve (I definitely did my research aka searching Botany Bay Beach location on Instagram) but what I didn't expect was how gorgeous Edisto Island is! The upside of having no Mcdonalds/Wal Mart's/Businesses in sight is that they're replaced with stunning trees, marshes, and charming southern cottages. 

Once we got to Botany Bay, the sights just got better and better. We entered the reserve and were greeted with a dirt road lined as far as you can see with trees draped in spanish moss, basically straight out of The Notebook. We then turned into what looks like a forest of palm trees and were greeted by a worker letting us know the rules, like don't take seashells or mess with the turtles. 

Once we parked, we walked a half mile or so on a small path running straight through a salt marsh. If you ever go, be sure to look for fish, small turtles, and birds while walking through the marsh! The path finally widens to another forest of palm trees, and you walk a little further until you can see the beach. 

We reached the beach and were absolutely blown away by the scenery! The palm and driftwood trees were right on the beach, some even in the water since it was high tide. The sand was covered in seashells, and looking past the beach, there was water as far as you could see. It suddenly felt like we were on a exotic private island, and not outside of Charleston. 

We stayed on the beach for over three hours exploring, taking photos, and finally laying out a blanket to sit and watch the waves once the tide let up. We went in the middle of the day on a Monday so it definitely was not crowded. There were only a few other groups of people there, and they were mainly at the end of the beach where the trees clear up and the sand is free of shells so they could fish and layout. 

The biggest bummer of the whole thing was that Brin and I took so many photos I was SO excited about (I know this doesn't sound like a bummer, but keep reading)... once we got home, I immediately transferred the photos from my camera to my computer so that I could transfer them to my phone and post them on Instagram ASAP. Aaand somehow something went wrong with my memory card and about 75% of the files were corrupted, unable to preview or load, and eventually erased themselves.

I bet you can imagine the panicked state I was in. Especially when the size on the corrupted files started to go from 20 megabytes to zero. Tears were shed. Real tears. I have an eyefi memory card, so I emailed the company and they said they have no idea what happened or why it happened but they'd be happy to send me a new card. Soo not overly helpful.

But at least they weren't all deleted. Of course the photos that were saved were the very first ones we took, before we figured out the best lighting and backgrounds. But it was still an amazing day, and stuff happens amiright?

Even with the memory card erasing almost all of my pictures incident, it was still the most amazing day! This dress was perfect for exploring, and I just absolutely love the open back! I have it linked below (did I mention it's under $25?!) as well as my hat and sandals!

If you're ever in Charleston or near Edisto Island, I definitely recommend checking out Botany Bay!

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