Bar Cart Styling - All Dressed Up

Bar Cart Styling

I am so excited about today's post because it's all about bar carts! I had so much fun styling this one, I'm sharing my tips for how to style yours! Also I'm sharing not only one DIY.. but two! Happy Friday! *Cheers*.

Can you believe this bar cart was only $30?! So crazy! Brian recently moved into a new place, and I knew immediately exactly what I would get him.. a bar cart! I did some Googling and was disheartened when I saw how much they cost. He had mentioned he wanted to get some things at Ikea, so optimistically I looked to see if they carried any... and what do you know, they do! 

The prices on Ikea's bar carts were amazing... the exteriors, however, were not. I then remembered that gold spray paint is a thing. I blew the surprise a little bit early to make sure Brian would be okay with my little project, and I was so excited when he absolutely loved it! So I purchased some gold spray paint and dove in! A few tips I have are...

1. Make sure to pick out a shade of gold you love! I went to Joannes to get mine, and almost just grabbed the first can I saw. Spray paint is spray paint right? Not so much. I ended up going with an all purpose light gold! Also..

2. Check the spray paint label to see what surfaces it works well with! I made sure mine would stick well to metal. 

3. Buy a large can, and then buy another large can...and then buy a large can of clear gloss! I was going from a dark metal color to a light gold color, and to get a solid cover of gold, I had to use a lot of spray paint. Then once I finally got a solid color, I wanted to get a good coat of gloss on top. So overall, this bar cart is sporting a lot of paint! 

4. Let it dry a little longer than the can tells you to! I didn't take into account how many coats of paint the pieces had on them, and was just excited to get it all put together.. resulting in scratches and smears! Not good. I would definitely even recommend you letting it sit overnight! 

Now for my second DIY.. an acrylic marble drink tray!

This one is definitely a lot more simple than the first DIY, because basically all you have to do is purchase an acrylic tray (I got this one at Walmart, originally intending it to hold remotes), and apply marble contact paper! My only tip would be to make sure you apply the contact paper slowly and smoothly! Trace out the size of the bottom of the tray first onto the paper, then cut then apply. If you can tell, some of the sides come up a little on mine.. to fix this, I just ran scissors over the raised edge and trimmed (after I took half of the photos, oops). 

Now for how I styled my DIY bar cart.. I just really wanted it to be fun and not too girly, but not too manly either (sorry Brian). When decorating, I always try to start out with a few pieces I love, and then build around them. For example, the acrylic tray and the copper cup! To keep the acrylic theme, I went with this acrylic wine rack from Target for the bottom of the cart! Brian loves drinking out of his copper cup, so I added the copper drink shaker, also from Target. 

I wanted the cart to be a decoration piece, but to also be useful. So I thought what he might need when entertaining.. drinks of course, glasses, straws, and.. coasters! These drink recipe coasters we found at Home Goods are just my favorite. Home Goods is the best, isn't it? And guess what?! I found them online! If you're also loving these cocktail coasters, you can find them linked here!

So what do you all think?! Do you have a bar cart? How did you style it? I would love to hear in the comments! And as always you can shop this post (along with some of my favorite bar cart accessories) at the bottom! Pop Fizz Clink!

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