Room Reveal Pt. One - All Dressed Up

Room Reveal Pt. One

As you may know, my family just moved into a new home, and I visited last week from school to see the new space, enjoy the beautiful South Carolina weather and shop for new-room-decor!

Because I was only home for a week, my room definitely still is not done yet, but I am so happy with how it is coming together so far! My mom had ordered my bed and headboard ahead of time because well, I needed somewhere to sleep, but the rest of the pieces we got while I was there. The piece I was probably most excited about was this little marble and gold side table! 

I had seen similar tables at the Homegoods and T.j. Maxx here in St. Louis so I was hoping they would have a variety of options at their Charleston location. NOPE. No tables. It made it even more difficult that I was hell bent on gold and marble. Add that to the fact that I didn't have much room for a table in the first place so it had to be a very specific, small size. I had pretty much given up hope until my mom and I walked into Ross, where we had never been before, and found this little gold and marble beauty! And for only $30!! I'm not sure I have ever been so excited in my life.

Another piece I struggled to find was this mirror! Really my life would be so much easier if I wasn't so picky about things, but I was not budging on the fact that I wanted a large, gold floor mirror at under $100. This doesn't sound like a huge feat, but OH it was. I found plenty of mirrors that were gold, but too small and too expensive, or the perfect price and size, but black, ect. ect. Finally my mom and I went to Kirklands and found this  one! It was only $60 and SO perfect!

It's difficult sometimes to be picky, but it pays off when you find exactly what you were looking for! An easy find, on the other hand, was this desk! My mom and I went into Target for something completely different and ended up in the furniture isle when we saw this one! I wasn't going to be overly picky about my desk, but ideally I wanted it to be white, small, simple, and inexpensive. Which is exactly what this one was at a little over $100! 

Also really quickly I have to talk a little bit about these frames! I had in my head that I wanted four white, square frames for some black and white Instagram photos and surprisingly these are harder to find than you would think. I didn't want to pay a fortune for them so that made things even more difficult, as was a recurring theme when it came to decorating my room if you can tell. Thank God for Michaels because they had these for only $20 for all four!

As I said, I still have lots of plans for the space! I would love to add a faux fur rug in between my bed and my desk, a gold cushion or stool for seating at my desk, and a variety of Kate Spade accent pillows and home decor, as well as some wall art! Here I have linked some of the items I'll be purchasing as part of my design plan! Scroll through the rest of the photos to see what I have done so far, and at the bottom you can shop the post including my headboard, desk, bedding, ect.!

(How cute are these Kat Spade bow-detailed pillows?! Found for only $12 at Homegoods!)

(The desk has a large, long drawer which is perfect for extra jewelry storage, and a perfect home for my laptop!)

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