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Knotted / Off the Shoulder

Prepping your spring wardrobe? On the top of my spring must-have list is a great pair of white jeans, sandals you can wear with anything all season, and a off the shoulder top like this one which is under $20!

I just loved how well this top paired with white jeans! I also loved how easy it was to either dress up or dress down. I chose a sort of in-the middle look.. not too dressy but not too casual either. Perfect from going from work to play! 

I love basically any off the shoulder top, but I just couldn't get over the unique detail of the knot on the sleeve of this one! Not to mention the price! Another thing I have to mention is how well it actually stayed off of my shoulders. Some tops have weird bands that don't like to stay put, but this one didn't budge. 

Now my jeans.. they're under $40 and they fit so well! These are a bit high waisted which I love, and so comfortable. I would advise sizing up! What's on the top of your spring wardrobe must have list? Is there specific details you look for when shopping for white jeans or anything off the shoulder? Let me know in the comments!

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