Beachwaver Relaxed Curls - All Dressed Up

Beachwaver Relaxed Curls

Today's post is about all things hair care! You may have noticed I have been undergoing a bit of a hair transformation.. I have been sporting short hair for about a year, and blonde hair for about 4.. let me tell you, it is a lot to keep up with. So, in an effort for well, less effort, I decided to go back to my natural color and a longer length! Goodbye short blonde hair, hello long brown hair!

While I am in the process of transforming my hair, my Beachwaver curling iron is keeping it looking good! I always opt for relaxed, wavy curls, and this curling iron makes it beyond easy. And no, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just giving some love to one of my favorite tools and products! 

Have you all gone from blonde to brown? Following the advice from my stylist, we simply started out by doing a root extend and toning the very-blonde ends. I was SO nervous about how it would turn out because I knew drastic hair changes take time to get it the way you want. As you can imagine the, I was pleasantly surprised when she turned the chair around and it looked amazing! (Here is a shot from the appointment). 

So MAJOR shoutout to my brilliant stylist Nicole Kopp! As she warned, the toning has faded, but the brown is still there and has blended so well into the ends! Pictured below are some of my favorite hair care products! I am guilty of applying way too much heat to my hair way too often, so I love Redken's heat protectant spray. I am pretty loyal to the Redken brand, and use their color protectant shampoo and conditioner as well. 

Influenster gave me Loreal luminous oil serum to try and review, and I was pleasantly surprised! As I said, I stick mostly to Redken products so I was hesitant to try it. My hair tends to get dried out easily, and the oil kept it so soft and smooth even after applying heat! 

Anyway, the Beachwaver! My grandma got it for me for Christmas, and I had honestly never heard of it before, but I was excited to try it out. After a quick google search, I learned that it's actually the tool they use for Victoria's Secret fashion shows!! Sooo basically my grandma is cooler than me and the very best gift-giver. 

All you do is grab a section of hair you want to curl, clamp near the end, press whichever direction you want your curl to go in (towards your face or away from it) and the Beachwaver spins your hair into the perfect curl! You can also adjust the speed and temperature. Have you all tried one before? What's your favorite styling tool or hair product? Comment below!

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