Kate Spade Polka Dot Drop Waist Dress - All Dressed Up

Kate Spade Polka Dot Drop Waist Dress

Ever since I was probably literally a toddler, my favorite thing about my birthday has been picking out a birthday dress.. because it falls so close to Christmas, my present every year is usually an outfit and whatever fun birthday activities I want to plan. This year my mom WAY outdid herself by gifting me this gorgeous Kate Spade drop waist dress!

Looking for a pretty dress in the dead of winter each year is much more difficult than you would think.. I have so many memories of me and my mom spending hours at the mall trying to find the perfect one when all we could find were sweaters and coats instead. Last year I said, "next year I'm getting a Kate Spade dress" because no matter the season, they always have the most gorgeous dresses.

Little did I know that the next year I would be working for Kate Spade so getting one of these beauties would actually be feasible.. I mean I'm in college guys, I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a dress, and my parents wouldn't want to spend that much when it's like.. I cannot wear a $400 dress to class. SO thank goodness for employee discounts.

So if you do not have a Kate Spade employee discount, I have linked a bunch of great drop waist options below!

Not only did I get to wear the most gorgeous dress this year, I got to wear it while spending the absolute best day ever with the sweetest guy ever. Brian surprised me by taking a day off work so he could take me to the zo!! It is Missouri, and it was January, so I layered up my dress with tights, a coat, scarf, hat, and keds (see Instagram!). After the zoo, we went home to get ready for a night out complete with sushi and cocktails. Little did I know that after sushi when we headed to my favorite martini bar, a group of our closest friends would be there waiting to surprise me!

I was so blown away by the efforts everyone made to make sure I had the absolute best day. I mean Brian went so far as to not complain even once when I insisted on listening to Taylor Swift's '22' on constant repeat all day. I don't know about you, but I was feelin' twentyy twoooooo.

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