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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! This week has been a crazy one as I'm getting back into my regular schedule of school and work. But it has definitely still been a good one! Below I'm sharing some of my favorites from this week, including what I've been up to plus some of my favorite articles for your weekend reading!

At the top of my Friday Favorites list is this "But First Coffee" tee I got from KFvynil! Find it here on Etsy for only $16! They have SO MANY cute things. SO MANY. Like this monogrammed jewelry dish (which I also may have) and this monogrammed wine glass?! So cute.

What I'm Reading;
I love reading, but I usually don't have a ton of down time for it. This week however, I was stranded at Barnes and Noble for 3 hours (long story) which left plenty of time perfect for catching up on some reading. By great chance, one of the first books I picked up was Where'd You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple and I'm so glad that I did. If you haven't read it already (it was written in 2012) you most definitely should because a. it's amazing b. it's in the works of being turned into a movie.

What I'm Watching;
Who doesn't love binge watching Netflix? I definitely, definitely do, and right now I have been hooked on The Killing! That's my show at the moment, where as Brian and I's show (we always like to have a series to be hooked on together) is House of Cards. We had tried it awhile ago but didn't give it enough of a chance, and I don't think we had watched enough Scandal (our ongoing show) yet to fully appreciate it.

Who I'm loving on Instagram;
If I'm on my phone, chances are I'm on Instagram. I love connecting with other bloggers, and Instagram is a perfect platform for that, but it also is a great way to look at cute animal pictures. Go to your profile and follow @knoxthedox for super super cute dachshunds, @pumpkintheracoon for super super cute raccoon (and puppy) photos, @eloisethemunchkincat for super super cute munchkin kitten pictures. You're welcome.

Favorite Articles This Week;
Looking for Valentines day baking ideas? Sarah over at made these delicious heart shaped funfetti cookie cake bars and my mouth is watering just taling about it. Check them out here! 

Instagram is such a huge tool for bloggers such as myself, and a great way to grow your profile is through hashtags. A lot of times, I tend to use some of the same hashtags because they apply to most of my posts. This article by explains how to make hashtagging on Instagram so much easier!

Yes Valentine's day is coming up, but so is the Superbowl! I do not enjoy football at all, repeat... do all. But what I do enjoy is getting together with my friends, drinking a bit and eating lots of good food. Tasty by Buzzfeed put together this list of recipes perfect for the Superbowl and it's a must read if you're doing any cooking for this Sunday!

Wondering how to make those product collages you see all over Pinterest? Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls put together this wonderful article perfectly explaining how to make gorgeous product collages!

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