8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers: Pt. 3 - All Dressed Up

8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers: Pt. 3

I started this series a while ago, and took some time off of it to really make sure I could create a meaningful article for pt. 3! So here it is, 8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers, Pt. 3!

If you have a new blog post idea, write it down immediately- Basically, stay organized. There's so many times I think of a great new post and then completely forget what I came up with, or when I think of the perfect editorial calendar for the week, and later forget what my brilliant plan was because I failed to write it down. I'm just such a visual person, it's so helpful to see my plan, goals, or ideas written down and organized!

Series are great ways to come up with new content!- Struggling with your number of posts and don't know how to up the number? One of the best things I've done is to start a series! For instance 8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers.. but it doesn't always have to be a continued article. Life Lately, Friday Favorites, and Wednesday Wish Lists are also some examples! This is a simple and easy way to stay consistent and come up with great new content each week!

If you aren't working with brands yet, write like you are.- Have a product you love and want to endorse it? That company definitely doesn't have to be paying you to do so! If you write about all the products you love exactly like you do the ones you are being paid for, it creates consistency and authenticity with your readers. And no, I'm not saying to be fake and pretend you like something more than you do.

Because basically the number one rule of blogging is to never endorse something you don't truly love. I'm saying, just starting out, companies want to see what you're capable of. By writing like you're working with the brand you're endorsing it shows your readers your opinion on a product while also showing brands you're good at what you do!

Website Design is key!- Do you absolutely love being on your site? Do you absolutely love everything about your design? Then your readers will too! If you don't, then your readers might not either. If there is anything in your design that you're hesitant about, don't hesitate to change it! I recently discovered http://peek.usertesting.com/ and this was a GREAT tool when assessing my website design!

Basically they provide you with a random stranger looking at your site, and they prompt them with questions like "what's your first impression?", "What do you like most about this site?" and "what was frustrating for you, if anything?". When I submitted my page they had a few comments, but this was so helpful because the nice things they said about my site were such a reassurance, and whatever criticism they offered was like "mmk I'm off to change this right now".

Your readers won't want to share your posts if you're not sharing them either- I have a pretty consistent routine of what to do after I hit "publish". I share the images on Pinterest, make sure they're Instagrammed or I know when I will share them on Instagram, and then I share the post link on Facebook and Twitter. There have been time though, that I hit "publish" and thought, "ehh I don't know that I want to put this image out on my Pinterest", or "I don't know that people will like this post enough to put it on Facebook". I then realize I need to spend more time on the post because if I am not confident in wanting to share my work then it's unlikely my readers will either. 

Know how many pageviews you're receiving and why- Are you on Google Analytics yet? Is your Pinterest set up as business page? These are the greatest tools for knowing how many views, clicks, and repins you are getting and why! It's great to know your stats, but it's even more important to think about why this pin got the most attention or why this post got the most views so that you can recreate its success! From examining my Pinterest stats, I have learned that high quality, long photos get more repins but photos of graphics with an article title get more click-throughs!

Create a variety of content- This is a tip I'm giving out but something I definitely struggle with myself. I tend to get stuck writing the same posts over and over that are comfortable for me to write (for example outfit posts and shopping guides). It's important though in order to bring in new readers and keep the readers you already have to create a variety of content. If it's a post that's not as easy for you, don't hesitate to spend a lot of time getting it the way you want! I'm not going to lie, this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I have simply been writing a little bit in it at a time when I feel inspired to do so.

Comment, comment, comment- On blog posts, on Instagram posts, on Facebook, on everything! I love supporting fellow bloggers, and doing so gets some great benefits to my blog as well! By commenting on an Instagram post you love, you're showing another blogger some love and getting your name out there as well. Exposure and engagement am I right?

Do you have any favorite blogging tips? I would love to hear them! What is your favorite strategy for growing your engagement? What's a favorite blog series that you have written or have read? Feel free to comment below! 

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