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Top Posts of 2015

From Instagram, to Pinterest, to right here on, I'm sharing my top posts of 2015 to celebrate the end of this year!

If you've been on Instagram at all this week, you've probably seen people post their "top nine" or their top nine Instagram posts of the year. SO here's mine! I have yet to be on Instagram for a full year yet, so you can probably tell that most of these photos are pretty summer-y, but that's okay with me. 2015 was a big year for me, mostly because this was the year my family moved to Charleston! It has been a struggle to have to be at school away from my family (and from the beach and warm weather) and then at the same time it has been a struggle to be away from friends and the boyfriend while I get the chance to actually be home. BUT none the less, it has been an absolutely wonderful fantastic year, full of so many great changes and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store! 

So here it is, my top blog posts of 2015!

1) Step Up Your Planner Game- Also my topped pinned image of the year, this was by far my most popular post! I am more than happy with this because this was also one of my favorite posts to write! 

2) Wednesday Wishlist; Blush Neutrals- This was one of my favorite Wednesday Wishlists because (if you can tell) blush pink is my absolute favorite color and I had so much fun picking out all of my favorite items.

3) Coral Embroidered Tassel Dress- I loved this post because it was my first ever giveaway and also my first ever collaboration! And I mean how cute is that dress?

4) 8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers Pt. 2- I was hesitant to write this series because I was still so new at blogging, but I'm so glad that I did, and I'm so glad that it ended up being one of my most popular posts! 

5) Belted Swing Dress- This was one of my favorite posts because I absolutely loved how the photos turned out. This is my favorite spot for photos (see also this post) because the lighting is always beyond fantastic, but it also looks out into the Charleston Harbor. 

6) 8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers- As I said,  I was hesitant at first to write this series but I'm so glad that I did. I had such amazing, positive feedback on this first post which is what inspired me to write the second. Good news, I've already started writing a 3rd!

7) Fall/Beach/Poncho- I was surprised this post was so popular because it was so casual and less planned out than some of my others usually are, but hey no complaints! I am so glad you all liked this one!

8) Little Gingham Dress- It kind of blows me away that this one made the list, because it was one of my first ever posts, and my first ever time shooting downtown. I am so thankful that the support you all have given me, even from the very beginning! 

9) Black and White Fall Style - I am so glad you all liked this post because I was so excited to write and shoot it! It is one of my absolute favorite looks that I have put together and I'm so glad you all felt the same way! 

Do you all have a favorite post from All Dressed Up? I would love to hear what it was! And thank you again for all of you who have followed along this year! I hope you all have the best New Years Eve tongiht, and a great start to 2016!

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