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Life Lately

You may have noticed I took a week or so off of the blog, so I thought I would share a Life Lately post to keep you all updated on what has been going on, and how I am so excited to be back in the full swing of things!

Being in college is busy and stressful as it is, and then balancing a hectic retail work schedule (hey have I ever told you all I work at Kate Spade?) plus a blog on top of that is even more extremely busy and stressful.. so I have definitely been off my blogging game so far this month thanks to finals, papers, projects, and long weekend work hours. But I am home now in Charleston with plenty of time to focus and relax, and I'm so excited to get back into my full time blogging schedule!

If you noticed, this month I have basically completely abandoned my usual weekly posting routine (Wednesday Wish Lists and Friday Favorites) but at least it's the holiday season so it feels okay to break routine and throw in unscheduled festive posts (see Holiday Gift Guide Under $100 and Holiday Wear). I hate that I didn't have time to make more gift guides because now it's a little too close to Christmas, but if you're still looking for holiday party wear inspiration, I have lot's of that coming your way! I am so excited to shoot my holiday looks this week and share them with you all!

But I would definitely like to apologize to those who follow my posts that you all haven't got much new content or interaction from me lately... I plan on fully making up for this with LOTS of new content though, so hopefully that's okay with everyone!

Also as of next Sunday I will have been blogging for an entire YEAR.! So crazy! The official year date doesn't seem as official to me though, just because December 27th 2014 was really just my first ever post, but then I didn't write another one until February 2nd 2015.. things didn't really kick off until I started my Instagram at the very end of March, and then I really only started blogging seriously as of this year in May. Can you tell I decided to learn as I went instead of figuring this blogging thing out ahead of time?

So it looks like I need to start planning a fun post for next weekend to celebrate! If you read my post around Thanksgiving entitled Why I'm Thankful for Blogging, you know how special this little space on the internet I call All Dressed Up is to me. I take every single view, every single comment of affirmation as the most appreciated forms of support you all could give me and I never ever take these for granted (not to get to serious here) but seriously.

So I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season so far, and i can't wait to bring you all even more seasonal fun here on All Dressed Up! 

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