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Holiday Wear

Today I am bringing you my ultimate Holiday Wear Shopping Guide! I got a little out of hand this holiday season and have already purchased a few (more than a few) items on this list, and I can say that they were well worth the purchase!.. Even if that purchase was only $5-$30 dollars so it pretty much justified itself anyway. 

1. Slipper Socks- I just bought these and they are honestly the softest, most comfortable objects I have ever put on my feet. At under $10, they are a must purchase to pair with a comfy pj set! 

2. Topshop Reindeer socks- If you want holiday socks without going over the top, these are the socks for you. 

3. Honey It's Cold Outside Sequin Sweater- It's hard to find a holiday sweater that isn't overloaded with bright colors and obnoxious pattens. I love the simplicity of this one, and of course the added sparkle of the sequins. And all at a great price of under $20!

4. Reindeer Pajamas- I am all about a cute and comfy pj set this season, and I'm loving the simple statement that these make! Just the right amount of seasonal without going over the top with patterns and color. 

5. Penguin Pajama Set- Pretty similar to the last one, but at a more budget friendly price! 

6. Cheers Sweater- How adorable is this sweater? It also comes in black and grey (with champagne glasses as the graphic!) and has a beanie version that you can see featured recently on my Instagram! 

7. Christmas Stripe Sock- At only $5, these are a perfect seasonal purchase! I just love the faux fur accent to the top. 

8. Stripe Pajama Set- I just bought these today (in grey which they have available in store) and have yet to take them off since I got home from Target. So. Comfy. I was a little nervous about the fit, but they couldn't fit any better!

9. Santa Mug- I know you don't necessarily "wear" this but I couldn't resist putting it on the list! I hate buying holiday items I will only use once a year, but really this is too cute to pass up. And it's only $5! And you can find adorable reindeer and snowman versions linked below! 

10. Snowflake Sweater- The perfect casual Christmas party sweater.

11. Polar Bear Sweater- I don't necessarily like the sound of "polar bear sweater" but somehow ASOS came up with a chic holiday polar bear sweater I would proudly wear in public without it being ironic.

12. Snowman Sweater- I have to warn upfront that this is a little overpriced, but still worth putting on the list because of how popular it has been. Wildfox has a bunch of super cute holiday sweatshirt options available now at Nordstrom!

13. Fa La La Socks- Basically these are just really cute and only $5, and basically Target is the best. 

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