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Why I'm Thankful for Blogging

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I have reflected a bit about what I've been grateful for this past year. With the million changes in my life this year, I am thankful that some things have stayed constant.. one of them being this wonderful little space on the internet I call my blog.

Many blog readers also happen to be bloggers, so I'm sure you understand. Don't get me wrong, blogging for sure comes with it's ups and downs as well (as I'm sure most of you know)... But even on my least creative, burnt-out days, I can't help but love what I do. So here it goes...

Why I'm Thankful for Blogging

1. It's taught me how to reach out of my comfort zone... It may be hard to tell, but I am 100% a introvert. I can be overly shy and socially anxious, and as many of you know a huge aspect of blogging is being social; reaching out to brands, connecting with other bloggers, putting yourself out there and applying for that exclusive network. At first it was all very nerve wracking, but the more I put myself out there, and the more positive results I saw, I began to come more and more out of my shell. 

2. It's taught me to be more confident... As you may know, taking photos for Instagram/a blog is not always as glamourous as it seems. Us bloggers make it seem effortless, like we just skipped through a field, someone snapped a few candid photos and we were on our way. Unfortunately, it's much more of a process than that. A lot of times you're in a crowded area, posing in front of a wall, your mom is snapping a few pictures and people are giving you a lot of weird looks. They're walking by, you have to stop your pose, they stare, halfheartedly say sorry (actually meaning wtf are you doing, you're in my way) and repeat.

At first this would give me all kinds of anxiety. But I learned that the awkwardness that is the process of taking the photos is very much worth it once they are shared. And it helped once I started thinking of it as my job. So what if people think I'm in their way? 

3. It gave me a much needed creative outlet... This summer I prepared to move to a new city where I knew no one and would not have much to do to pass my time. I missed my friends, missed my boyfriend, and needed to be doing something productive. This is when I really threw myself into my blog. It gave me something to be proud of, and it provided me with a real passion when I needed it most.

4. It helped me to develope my personal style... obviously, fashion has always been a huge passion of mine. But before I began blogging I hadn't really developed my sense of style yet. I knew how to put together an outfit, but it wasn't as easy to put together looks everyday that I felt good and confident in.

Not saying I'm 100% put together everyday, but I've learned to be much more confident with my wardrobe. Before, I would just throw something on for class just because that's what everyone else was wearing to class. Now I wear what I know I feel good in. So what if everyone else is in hoodies and sweats? I'm rocking a dress because that's what I feel good in.

5. It gave me something to be proud of... Yes there have been plenty of disappointments along the way, but those are far overshadowed by the accomplishments. And not necessarily because the disappointments were small and the accomplishments were big (most of the time the opposite) but because accomplishing a blogging goal of mine (no matter how small or big) made me feel so proud, it far outweighed any disappointment I felt by a post getting barely any views or a collaboration falling through. The goals I set can sometimes feel impossible, and then I reach one step closer and it feels like all this hard work just really pays off. 

So those are just a few key things I thought I would share, but there's really more like a 1,000 reasons why I'm thankful for this wonderful adventure of blogging. Oh and obviously reason #6 is that blogging has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful and talented people... especially my readers! I am so very thankful for ever like, every comment, every click, every pageview, every subscription. I view all of it as the most helpful encouragement. So enough about me... what are you thankful for this year? Is blogging on the list? Why are you thankful for blogging? Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season! XOXO 

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