Wednesday Wishlist: Basic Fall Dresses - All Dressed Up

Wednesday Wishlist: Basic Fall Dresses

(One of) my favorite things about summer is basic summer dresses... I can go to my closet and pick out one item of clothing that will consist of my entire outfit for the day... Bonus, that piece of clothing is  also ridiculously comfortable. Yep simple summer dresses are the best. Fall is also a wonderful season because it doesn't require tons of layers (not that I don't love layering). It does, however require some extra fabric so below I have rounded up my favorite basic fall dresses to wear for anything and everything!

1) V-neck Shift Dress- I absolutely love the color of this dress. Also the sleek fabric and the comfortable fit... Overall it's a perfect fall dress to either dress up or dress down in order to get tons of wear. 

2) Simple Long sleeved Striped Dress- I have way too many simple striped summer dresses in my closet, and I am definitely needing some with sleeves for fall. This one is perfect from Old Navy for only $20!

3) Striped Sweater Dress- I love a great sweater dress. I basically fell in love with this one when I noticed not only the stripes, but the perfect color of the stripes. It just looks so cozy, right? Perfect for just about anything, this dress is a fall wardrobe must have. 

4) Burgundy Dress- It's no secret burgundy is my favorite color for fall, so this dress is perfectly simple for any-day wear. Just add a blanket scarf and riding boots and you're good to go!

5) Turtleneck Swing Dress- This is probably the most dressy on the list, but wearing this you don't need much accessorizing which is why it made the cut... but I mean also because of the gorgeous color and fit as well! I have so many summer swing dresses I really wanted to find a great fall equivalent, and this one is it. 


  1. Love these fall dresses! Especially number 2. You have great style!

    - Seri

    1. Thank you so much Seri! #2 is a great pick. Even better, it's on sale at Old Navy right now!