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Life Lately

I am spending my day, yes my entire day, in airports so I thought I would continue my Life Lately series and update you all on what's going on these days in the life of Ashley.

As you may have guessed, I'm on my way home! So, so excited. Less excited to spend the next three hours of my life at the airport but still. Excited. What I should be doing right now and what I am doing are two separate things unfortunately because I am also writing this in an attempt to procrastinate my homework, but oh well. 

I am writing a Friday Favorites post for tomorrow but figured I might share one of this week's favorites with you all a little early! Yes I love to write (duh) but I also love to read. I am a complete and total book worm, no shame. I am a nervous flyer, so anytime I do fly I have my kindle clutched in my hand from the second I walk into the airport. I usually download a new book before a flight and have it finished by the time I get to where I'm going. If I have a hidden talent it's the speed at which I can read combined with the fact that I can never for the life of me put a good book down once I start it. 

Anyway, I have started reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and it is SO GOOD guys, so good. I will have definitely have finished it by tomorrow so I will let you know on my Friday Favorites how it turned out. Based on the reviews I'm assuming it will be good, but personally I feel like the ending of a book really just makes the whole thing. No I don't like to talk about the ending of The Hunger Games series.

Oh and as a comment on the picture, how adorable are those palm tree shutters? The reasons why I love living in Charleston are immense, but I love this image because it's such a great, simple example of the charm of the city. No detail is spared, and these shutters are a perfect example. So yep I'm pretty excited to be back, and equally as excited to share the millions of pictures I will take with you all! I am flying in because I am on fall break for school, are any of you going anywhere exciting as well? Also I would LOVE to hear any of your book recommendations! As I said, I will probably finish this one soon, and need a good book to read on the beach! 

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