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Friday Favorites

In an effort to bring you all as much new content as I can, I have started up a few new series like Wednesday Wishlist's and Life Lately. To keep up with my goal to post more and more frequently, I'm also starting Friday Favorites! Each week I will be rounding up my favorite links from throughout that week and explaining a little bit about them, and why they got their spot on my favorite list. Enjoy this week's and happy Friday!

From Paper Meets Pearl: How to Prevent Blogger Burnout-  This is such a great article from Kelly of Paper Meets Pearl, and a must read for bloggers! Blogger burnout is a real thing, and Kelly gives some great tips on how to say no, find your own definition of blogging success, when to take a break, ect. 

From Pop of Style: Folgers Fall Traditions- Ah fall recipes. This is a great one from Missy of Pop of Style! The caramel puff pastry she whips up along with Folgers Vanilla Biscotti coffee is basically fall baking perfection.  

From Lightly Living: Couponing the Easy Way- I have always wished I knew more about couponing. I love finding great sales, so couponing seems like it'd be right up my alley but I never knew where exactly to start. Jennine of Lightly Living does a fantastic job of creating this couponing how-to guide. If you need me I'll be finding scissors and flipping through my local newspapers. 

From She Wears Many Hats: Chocolate Caramel Apples- I was so happy to come across this article because Brian and I have been planning for a while to go apple picking this weekend. I love carmel apples, I mean love, and have always wanted to try making them on my own but didn't know the specifics exactly. Amy of She Wears Many Hats goes through step by step how to make these delish chocolate covered caramel apples, and even goes into detail about what caramel is best to use, ect. She also has a fantastic toffee caramel apple dip recipe on her blog this week as well! 

From Prep of the South: How to Organize a Planner- You all know how much I love my planner (aka this post on how to Step up Your Planner Game). Alexandra from Prep of The South  goes into perfect detail about how she organizes hers. She has great tips, like write on sticky notes for quick notes, and to add them to the correct date later. How did I never think of this? Anyway it's a great article that anyone with a planner will appreciate. 

From The College Prepster: Staying Safe With Social Media- This is something I have been thinking more about as my online presence grows... how to stay safe with social media. Carly of The College Prepster writes this great article with tips on how to more consciously think about what you put out onto the internet, and even about when you put it out there. For instance, have you ever thought about how posting something immediately with a location tag is not super safe? Yep me either. Now I have.

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  1. I can definitely use those healthy post-workout snack ideas. Thanks for the links - now I have some fun reads for later :)

    xx Yasmin

    1. Thank you Yasmin! And no problem, thank you for stopping by!