Braids/Belts/Burgundy - All Dressed Up


Finally I am getting my last post up from my last trip home to Charleston! It was getting a little chilly there, so this light sweater, destroyed denim and casual bootie combo was perfect for a day spent downtown. 

Over the summer I would notice the gorgeous pastels of the city first and foremost, but this time around I started notice the gorgeous fall colors as well. So. Many. Ivy. Walls. Like I said, this light sweater was perfectly cute and casual for a a laid back day of shopping. My mom and I had stopped in Old Navy the day before and I had noticed this one on sale.. except they only had a large left.. But I still loved it (and the color.. not to mention the price) so I decided to just get it anyway. That's what belts are made for right? 

Now let me take a second to talk about these jeans.. they've made their fair share of appearances on Instagram, but have yet to make it on the blog. So anyway.. these jeans. I found them for 70% off at Nordstrom Rack and was beyond excited about it. I purchased them at my local store, but they have a great selection online also majorly discounted! You can find them here.

All other outfit details are linked below! As for my hair, it is a super easy braid! I just parted my hair in three strands on the side of my head, and started a french braid going towards the other side of my head. After I got the braid going, I began only pulling hair from the front of my head, by my forehead, pulling the hair of of my face. I finished the braid and put it in a quick bun!



  1. Love your outfit! I wish I knew how to braid my hair like that, my hair is so short I think I can maybe get a few strands in a braid and thats it! haha

  2. Adorable outfit! It's perfect for fall! Love following along with your blog :)

  3. The shirt looks great belted- adds some pizzazz to a simple comfortable shirt! And yessss LOVE your hair!

  4. This outfit is so cute! I love how you synched the shirt with the belt!