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Life Lately

I thought I would start a new little series here on the blog, entitled "Life Lately" just to regularly catch you all up on what's new and exciting! 

As you know, I am back in St. Louis for school. What you might not know is that it's my senior year! Technically I have two and a half semesters left after this one, but then I will count as a super senior. I'm staying busy, but definitely missing things back in Charleston. Thankfully, I'm flying home in a little under a month and I cannot wait! I already have a skew of blog posts planned and tons of fun activities for when I'm there that I will be sharing with you all. It's just been way too long since I've posed in front of a pink wall. I still have a Charleston travel guide in the works, so keep an eye out for that! 

There is a lack of colorful walls here in St. Louis, but definitely still a lot of fun things to do. I had so much fun playing tourist in Charleston this summer, I thought why not do that here too? It's funny that I'm writing a Charleston travel guide before I write a St. Louis one, but I feel like when you grow up somewhere you don't necessarily venture outside of the box too often. I just get in this set routine here of where to go, where to eat, ect.. I don't tend to be as adventurous as I was in Charleston, where it was this amazing new city I wanted to know everything about. I look at "things to do in Charleston" and I've done almost everything on the list, then I look at "things to do in St. Louis" and I haven't done half of them, even though I grew up here. 

For example, Brian and I had a Saturday completely free (which almost never happens) and just had it in our minds that we wanted to do something fun and new.. play tourist in our own city. He brought up the idea of going to Grant's Farm, and I realized I had never been. Number 10 on the top 25 things to do in St. Louis  and I had never been. So crazy right? I mean I literally thought it was a farm though, and I am not the type of person who wants to hang out on a farm on my Saturday off. But apparently it's not. We had the most fun day walking around, checking out the animals, and sipping our free beer samples. SO, if you ever visit St. Louis and have a free day, check out Grants Farm. Once I finish my Charleston Travel guide, I will definitely work on a St. Louis one! 

In other news, I have also recently started at the most fun job and I can't wait to start sharing that with you all as well! Hint: my discount is unbelievable, and the blog will be getting a lot more colorful very soon! As of this job, there are so many exciting things in the works for Pleats and Threads!

For instance, I have recently partnered with Roxbox to give you guys an amazing deal! I haven't officially announced this, but I figured I would give you all a special first notice. If you haven't heard of Roxbox, it's this great program that send you designer jewelry! They send you 3 pieces (averaging about $200 a box), which you can swap out at any time because it's free shipping both ways! Plus, each month you get $10 credit towards purchasing any of your favorite pieces. Normally it's $19 a month, but..

 use the code pleatsandthreadsxoxo you can get one month free to try it out! 

So that's a little bit about what's going on lately. My goal this month is to write more posts than ever, so I've had so much fun coming up with new ideas like this one, and like Wednesday Wishlists (one and two). I plan on doing this little Life Lately whenever I have exciting things (or non exciting, either way) to share, just to give you guys a little more of a scoop on my daily life aside from Instagram Roundups. Anyway, hope you all are having a great week! Keep a lookout for a  new outfit post coming tomorrow! xoxo

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