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Step up Your Planner Game

I am a slightly way too obsessed with planners. So much so that I couldn't pick just one for this year so now I consequently have three... this may also have to do with my decision making issues but anyway... planners. I honestly have no idea how I would get through my everyday life without them. I may be too dependant on my planner but that's how I like my life to be. If you also are planner obsessed, enjoy my tips on which to buy for this year and what to use for organization!

Pictured above is my Kate Spade "Large Gold Dots" planner from last year, my "I am Very Busy" planner, my large floral adjenda, Kate Spade post card, and Lilly Pulitzer "family sticker set".  I have to say, if you're in the market for a planner, it is a very thin competition between Kate Spade and They are both spacious, well organized, and have cute sayings written in. The thing about my adjendas that I loved was honestly the stickers... and the cute compliments... and the weekend activity suggestions... and the list of national holidays... It's all just really way too cute. So it really just depends what you're looking for. But either direction you go, the insides deserve to be decorated. Below I have a list of my favorite planner accessories as well as some other great planner options! Enjoy! 

1) Graphic Image Planner - This planner option is pricey, but also chic and durable. Made of real leather, and produced by the parent company of GiGi New York, it is the perfect grown up date book. 

2) Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Bonus Pack - Wanting some extra Lilly Pulitzer stickers and accessories? This agenda bonus pack is perfect! It comes with pens, an eraser, gel pins and stickers for only $24.

3) May Designs Planner- May Designs is one of my favorite planner options because it's completely customizable AND cost effective! At the starting price of only $20, and with the option of all sorts of adorable prints and monograms it's one of my favorite planner options.

4) Lilly Pulitzer Sticky Notes Set - What's a planner without sticky notes? These Lilly Pulitzer ones are just too cute. 

5) Kate Spade Office Supply Tackle Box- If you don't want to mix and match your planner accessories, Kate Spade has come up with the brilliant idea of creating a "supply tackle box" containing the most adorable bow shaped paper clips, binder clips, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a notepad, pushpins, and tape for all of your planner needs. 

6) Sticky Note Set- As I said, what's a planner without sicky notes? These are a perfect addition to any agenda at only $12! There are also other sets with equally cute designs, just visit!

7) Kate Spade Colorful Pen Set- Why write in your planner with regular pens when you can write in it with these adorable Kate Spade pens? Step up your pen game. 

Also of notable mention...

Lilly Pulitzer Planners- As popular as it is, I've never so as much as seen the inside of one so I didn't include it in the main list. I have, however, heard nothing but good reviews on these planners so they definitely deserve honorable mention. Below I have linked one of my favorites, but they come in many sizes and designs!

Large Washi Tape Set- Washi tape is great for planner decorating! The Kate Spade office supply tackle box includes some, but if you're looking for a lifetime supply, this large washi tape set linked below is the set for you. 

The Happiness Planner- From reading on their website, this little planner is your own personal life coach. It's sole purpose in life is to make you a bit happier each and every day. Their website states, "on top of the typical daily pages, this planner is packed with questions and guides that help you become a happier and more positive person". I mean who doesn't need a little more positivity in their life?

The Planner Society- I just recently heard of this ingenious company and I can't believe I din't
know it existed sooner. By visiting their website, you can sign up to receive monthly planner kits! A planner lovers dream, amiright? Click here to check it out!

Erin Condren Planners- Erin Condren planners are gorgeous and totally customizable. They are , however, a bit pricey so personally I would rather go the May Designs route. The definitely pro that Erin Condren offers is that their planners are larger, include a spiral binding, and let you do much more customization so it's all just pros and cons really.


  1. I am obsessed with planners too! I just got the Kate Spade gold dot planner and LOVE it, totally agree with you about the stickers though, I used to have a Lilly and I miss the stickers that it came with! xx, kenz

    1. Yess I love adding stickers to my planner! I love the Kate Spade planners, and a great solution would be to buy the sticker book (when it comes back in stock) or buy the seperate Lilly Pulitzer stickers to add to it!

  2. I love planners which I can easily design and work on! These are great options to consider!

    Golden Cor

    1. Thank you so much! I do too, and found that all of these options are spacious and easy to organize and make your own!

  3. I just purchased a Day Designer from the BlueSky Target line and am OBSESSED, but I'm wanting to try a planner next! The Kate Spade office supply tacklebox has also been on my "to be purchased" list for a while now.


    1. Yes such a great point, I also love Target planners as well! And the planners are well worth the purchase, they are so fun, and I love finding all of the cute sayings written into them! Thank you for taking time to comment!