Gingham and Flare - All Dressed Up

Gingham and Flare

If you have seen some of my previous posts, you probably have noticed how much I love anything and everything gingham (this post and this post...). But what you may not know is that my love for flare jeans is maybe just as strong! Add a red lip, my favorite Kate Spade cross body, my go-to sun hat, and all together this is definitely one of my favorite looks! 

Flared jeans have always been my all time favorite fit. I of course have a pretty solid skinny jean collection as well, but my calves are so skinny I have found that skinny jeans don't always compliment my skinny legs. Flare jeans, on the other hand, have always given me an illusion of curves. Nowadays I definitely do not go looking for clothes to make me look thicker than I am, but in high school when I was barely a 100 pounds, a flared fit was basically a life saver. 

The best thing about this look is that it's perfect for Fall or Summer! Just switch out sandals for flats, add a cardigan, and you're good to go! This Loft top is linked below, along with my hat, a super similar Kate Spade bag, my sandals, and even a cardigan and flats to turn this into a perfect Fall look! You can find my favorite pair of Gap jeans (currently under $25!) here. But with only a few sizes left, I have linked some similar pairs below as well! 

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