8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers Pt. Two - All Dressed Up

8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers Pt. Two

I had so much fun writing 8 Simple Tips for New Bloggers Pt. 1 that I have brought you a Pt. 2! I stated the first time around that this was a from one new blogger to another sort of thing and this definitely still applies. I am still learning so much (and still have so much left to learn) but thought I would share with you along the way!

1) Social media is so Important! Find out what site works best with your blog, and really focus on growing your following! The best thing I've done with my social media presence is to not stretch myself too thin. I picked one site that really worked well with my blog (Instagram) and put all my social media eggs (if you will) into that basket. Yes I still have a Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin' and Pinterest page, but I don't stress myself out if I don't get the amount of new followers I wanted on any of those sites. With Instagram, on the other hand, I have a consistent number of new followers I get each week, and I post a certain amount of times each week in order to meet that numer.

2) That being said, blogging is all about embracing change. It's easy to get caught up in social media, but a blog following is more important that a social media following. For example, I just stated that my social media priority is Instagram. Instagram will always be important because it is a clear vision to potential sponsors of my aesthetic and engagement, but I started to notice that when looking at my analytics that it doesn't bring much traffic directly to my blog. What does bring traffic is Pinterest. So, I had to adjust my priorities a bit. I still set goals for my Instagram and spend a lot of time planning posts and engaging with my followers, but I had to start doing the same thing with my Pinterest as well.

3) I shared in the last 8 Simple Tips that bright photos are the best when it comes to the photos on your blog. This also applies to social media! Even dark photos can be made Instagram worthy with a few simple tricks... Brightness up, highlights down, contrast up, shadows up and ta da! Even if you like a slightly different look, figure out what editing tricks you prefer and apply that to every photo.

Via Pleats and Threads Instagram

See how all of these photos have different colors and subjects but still  look good placed next to eachother? That's because I edited them all the same!

4) No matter how big or how small... don't endorse a product if you don't love it. When people read your blog and follow you on social media they get to know you. They know your aesthetic and they will be able to tell when something seems off. Readers want authenticity.

5) It's good to write often and to have a lot of posts on your blog, but don't write just to write. It's better to take a few days off and find some inspiration than to drive yourself crazy trying to come up with an idea, and come up with an uninspired post. People appreciate transparency. My most read posts are ones that I could not wait to publish...they're posts I had fun writing, and that always gets the best results.

6) Find out what works best for you and stick to it. What are your favorite posts you've written? What are your most read posts? Why were they so successful? I've seen over and over on blogging articles "find your blogging niche". I remember reading this so many times and being like, uh okay that's obvious, I'm writing a fashion and lifestyle blog. But it's a little more complicated than that... finding your "niche" means writing to an ideal reader. Who is reading your blog, and what do they like? Yes I have a fashion blog, but fashion can mean a lot of things. Figuring out your main topic is easy, but deciding what branches from that is a little more complicated. Do I want to post about sewing and design? Strictly outfit posts? Do I want to post shopping guides? The best way to do this is to post a little bit of everything at first. If you have a great idea that you love, go for it! From there, find out what's working best for you and stick with it.

7) Consistency is key. This doesn't mean that you have to stress out about making sure you post on the same day each week at the same time, but it helps to grow your audience if people know what to expect. It helps to seek consistency on not just your blog, but everything associated with it as well... for example, using the same profile picture on your social media, having the same bio, sticking to your aesthetic on all platforms. If you are getting a lot of new followers on Pinterest, and your Instagram is very similar, your new followers will want to follow you there as well!

8) I feel like this article has taken a theme, but it's what I'm learning the most at the moment. I have brands coming to me with products that don't fit in with my blog, and it's hard to say no. I'm feeling the pressure to write just to write, but I've figured out that that doesn't necessarily get results. I'm finding out that I haven't been the most consistent in the past. So for me recently it has all come down to consistency and authenticity. On 8 Simple Tips Pt. 1, my last point was to be yourself and that definitely still applies this time around. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, it can be easy to see what they're doing and think that will work well with you too. It's okay to find inspiration in other places, but being different is good. Always strive to find original and creative ideas!

I hope that this has been helpful to you! Blogging is a crazy journey and I find myself learning and growing everyday. Secret tip number 9 is to never get discouraged! No one is successful overnight. It takes hard work and lots of time! But if you love what you are doing, it makes it so much easier. Are there any great tips you have learned along the way? I would love to hear any feedback you all have below!

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