Morris Island Lighthouse - All Dressed Up

Morris Island Lighthouse

If you are visiting Charleston, Morris Island is a must. The Morris Island Lighthouse is situated on one of my favorite spots in Charleston. The beach is so beautiful and secluded you forget that civilization is only 1/4 of a mile away. 

Since Brian is visiting, we've been playing tourist and I've been having fun showing him all of my favorite spots in Charleston. So far we've been to Battery Park, Folly Beach, downtown to the market, Waterfront Park, and Rainbow Row, and most recently, Morris Island Lighthouse. When I first told him about it, he was not all that enthused. To get there you have to park and walk a 1/4 mile down this little path. He kept making jokes like "all this cardio better be worth it" and "oh so excited to see a tall building" (the sarcasm, I know) but once we hit the sand, he loved it.

 It's not the lighthouse alone that makes this spot so worth seeing, it's the beach it's on. It's secluded, and there's never more than a few other people there. All you can see is ocean, beach, and trees, so you feel like you're on a private island (which I guess it basically is). And, as you can tell, the rocks are definitely worth climbing on. 

For this day at the beach, I chose this adorable H&M striped dress. Did I mention it was only $12? It was perfect for exploring the island, and then for a quick lunch at Locklears, the restaurant on Folly Beach Fishing Pier... also definitely worth going to if you're visiting Charleston. Folly Beach is my favorite of the local public beaches, and I could spend all day on the pier watching the water for dolphins. Anyway, the restaurant is amazing. It's pretty casual, but it's great for a quick lunch with an ocean view. I got the shrimp burger, while Brian got the crab burger, and holy omg they were so good.

What are your favorite spots in Charleston? I'm acting like an expert here, while I've only lived here for a little under a month now. Although I did travel here quite a bit with my parents, both for vacation and for house hunting... either way I'm not an expert, and I'm still discovering new places to love.

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