Garden Florals - All Dressed Up

Garden Florals

What better to wear to a garden than this floral skirt? It was perfect for a day spent at Cypress Gardens, one of the most beautiful spots in Charleston. 

If you haven't been to Cypress Gardens, go now. I mean seriously, Ryan Gosling has been there. Yes I'm lame, but one of the main reasons I wanted to see the gardens was because part of the Notebook was filmed there. Although it would have been romantic, I'm pretty glad it didn't start raining while Brian and I were there 'cause there wouldn't have been a dock to and argue about who sent who letters and make-out on.

While it didn't rain, and there weren't swans, it was still a pretty amazing experience. Aside from the boat ride, there's also an aquarium, a butterfly house, a bird exhibit, a giftshop, and walking trails. Apparently the Patriot was also filmed there, but I care a lot more about Ryan Gosling than Mel Gibson. We also had a lot of fun looking for alligators, but sadly didn't find any... even though I'm vaguely positive I would have lost it if we had stumbled upon one.

Below you can shop this post! This Express skirt is sold out (so sad) but they have almost identical skirts still in stock which are linked below.

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