Fourth of July - All Dressed Up

Fourth of July

As you all may know, I just moved to Charleston for the summer. What you may not know is that Fourth of July ranks pretty high on my list of favorite holidays. Also on my list of favorite holidays is Shark Week (yes I really consider it a holiday, I love it that much). My boyfriend however was in St. Louis still, so we weren't going to be able to spend two of our favorite holidays together... that is until he decided he would come and visit me! So, below you will find both of our festive Fourth of July looks, as well as a fun Fourth of July dessert! 

We of course wore these outfits planning for a night at the North Charleston Fourth of July festive, but it of course stormed all night instead...exactly 20 minutes after these pictures were taken. Thankfully, we had already spent our day at Folly Beach, strolling around Battery Park, and watching dolphins in Charleston Bay, so we weren't too disappointed spending the night indoors catching up on our newest Netflix series.

I loved this outfit for Fourth of July because you wear it with red lipstick and it's patriotic,  you wear it without and it's perfect for any laid back summer night. I bought this top at ASOS and the next day it went on sale.. so frustrating right? These shoes have yet to go on sale, but they're still under $25!

Also if you'd noticed, there's a random food picture mixed in with the outfit ones. After we got home from our day on the beach and downtown, we grilled some hot dogs, and had fun making this firecracker popcorn! It's a Fourth of July tradition that we spend part of the day together baking. The past few years I have picked less simple recipes and he's had to spend hours trying to help me get the American flag just right in my American flag cake. So this year, I figured we would want to spend more time out and about, so when I found this recipe I knew it was perfect. And omg it was so good. We may or may not have inhaled it while finishing off a season of prison break. Find the super simple recipe here!

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