Little Gingham Dress - All Dressed Up

Little Gingham Dress

I just moved to Charleston on Monday and I cannot get over how beautiful it is here. The poor memory card in my camera is now overloaded with photos of the gorgeous courtyards, buildings, and parks, and I absolutely love it!

What you can't tell in these pictures (thankfully) is that it was so hot out. This pretty gingham dress from ASOS was perfect in the Charleston heat! I am in love with my Tory Burch Mini Miller sandals, but what I didn't factor in when I was planning an entire day of walking around downtown Charleston was that I have yet to break them in... my feet are now aching with blisters, but I barely even noticed until I arrived home because I was so focused on the scenery.

For today's trip downtown, my mom and I started off the day with a bit of shopping on King Street, followed by a wonderful lunch at Blind Tigers Pub on Broad St.. Ya'll (I swore I wouldn't start saying this when I moved here, but I find myself saying this) it was so good. We sat in a small booth by the window where we had a beautiful view of pastel colored buildings and palm trees, and enjoyed delicious shrimp tacos, paired with a generous amount of sweet tea. From there we made our way to Waterfront park (one of my absolute favorite spots in the city), where we took in the gorgeous view of the water, and then wandered down meeting street to finish out the afternoon.

I'm still new to the area, so if you have any favorite things to do in Charleston, feel free to comment below! And don't forget to check out the product pictures at the bottom to shop this post!

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