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Summer Wish List

Sometimes there's those things that you need, and sometimes there's those things that you just want. I am always finding these fantastic items I love, but every time I have to ask myself, do I need this, or should I just add it to my wish list? The latter has really been piling up lately, so I thought I should share with you some of my favorites! 

1) Tory Burch Mini Miller Sandal - How cute are these sandals? They come in a bunch of different colors (blush being my fav), and are pretty inexpensive! Compared to regular Tory Burch prices anyway. Truly the perfect summer sandal to wear with everything. 

2) Kendra Scott Skylar Earring - Of course I love everything Kendra Scott, but these earrings really won me over. The shape, the color, everything, just perfect. The perfect summer statement earring. 

3) Kate Spade Splash Out clutch - If you know me well enough you know that I am obsessed with all things shark related (you all just wait for shark week, I have some exciting things planned), and of course all things Kate Spade related, so this clutch is basically my soul mate. Unfortunately, it's a little pricey and hasn't arrived at my favorite outlet yet, so for now it is hanging out on my wish list. 

4) Lulus Make Be-leaf Teal Two-Piece Set - Two-piece sets are perfect for summer, as well as palm print, so how great is this two-piece palm print set?! Not to mention the ruffles. If it wasn't a tad pricey I would have snatched it up by now. Oh well, add it to the wish list! 

5) Mar y Sold Collins Woven Tote - Tote bags are a summer necessity.What else are you going to bring to the beach that fits a coverup, towel, sunscreen, and your phone, looks cute, but no worries of it getting ruined if a little sand gets in? This striped pom-pom tote is perfect for all of the above. I have a few too many totes already, but what's one more, right? 

6) Kate Spade Walk on Air perfume - Here I go again about Kate Spade. But who wouldn't want to smell like 'an invitation to seize the day and envelop yourself in the promise of something wonderful' ? I have plenty of perfume and sprays, so I would't count this as a necessity, but I am definitely leaving my boyfriend a lot of hints about this one. 

7) I am Very Busy phone case - It's safe to say I could order anything and everything and be more than happy about it. If you haven't heard of it, it's the most fun brand that sells everything from drink sleeves, to bobi pins and headbands, to this 'Kittens get Thirsty Too' tumbler. They have a I am Very Busy planner, but that is #1 on the "Things I Need" list. 

8) Steve Madden Seaside wedge - The name alone indicates that it's the perfect summer hanging-out-by-the-beach wedge. You all know how much I love Steve Madden, but these are just too good. The minuet they hit my nearby outlet, they're getting moved to the "I need this" list. 

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