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Mothers Day Gift Guide $40 and Under!

With Mothers Day right around the corner, I figured I would share with you all the best gifts I've found, and all under $40

1. Capelli Bow Sandal- When it comes to my bow obsession, I know one thing for sure that it comes directly from my mother. I gave her a similar pair for her birthday and she has hardly taken them off of her feet. Bonus, these are only $7.99!

2. Monogram Wine Stopper- Wine stoppers are always great gifts! When I came across this elegant personalized gem I knew my mom; and probably most moms would cherish the thoughtful (not to mention practical) present. Find this one at for only $29.99!

3. Mothers Day Mug- Leave it to Target to always have to perfect gift for any occasion. This mug is too cute! It gives off a distinctly Kate Spade vibe, but will take much less of a tole on your bank account. You can score this perfect find for only $8.99!

4.Soap Dish and Pineapple Mango Soap- Another Target find! This goes perfectly with the gold dotted mug, or makes a perfect gift all on its own. It also looks very Kate Spade-y but costs much less for only 12.99.

5. & 6. Kate Spade 'mom' charm and bracelet- Kate Spade recently came out with a charm collection and it did not disappoint. This 'mom' charm is a perfect gift just in time for mothers day! Even better, if you purchase a charm along with this base bracelet (which is only $38!) you will receive a complementary heart charm!

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